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Statement By Stephen Silvagni

List Manager Stephen Silvagni has responded to media reports about his future with the GIANTS.

7:18pm  Oct 20, 2014

An Australian Story

The Auburn GIANTS have battled prejudice, injuries and tough opponents to make their mark in Sydney’s west.

12:42pm  Oct 20, 2014

The Griffen Deal – A Fan’s View

GIANTS fan Robert Griffin (no relation to Ryan) gives his view on the blockbuster trade deal involving Tom Boyd and Ryan Griffen and the club’s so-called backflip.

3:58pm  Oct 19, 2014

Player Profiles

Devon Smith

Devon Smith

Recruited from:
Lara (Vic)/Geelong U18

Meet the Staff

The Board

Tony Shepherd AO - Chairman

Christine Cawsey AM

Gabrielle Trainor

Peter Taylor

Joseph Carrozzi

John Webster

Andrew Stevens

Paul Moore

Kevin Sheedy AM

Michael Costello

Meet the board

The Executive

David Matthews - Chief Executive Officer

Richard Griffiths - Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Shaw - GM Fan Development

Graeme Allan - GM Football

Nick Johnston - GM Media and Communications

Paul Eriksson - Chief Financial Officer


Kate Buttigeig - Receptionist

Deb Keen - EA to CEO

Football Staff

Graeme Allan - GM Football Operations

Kelly Swan - EA to GM of Football

Sam Riddington - Football Operations Manager

Leon Cameron - Head Coach

Alan McConnell - Senior Assistant Coach

Luke Power - Assistant Coach

Dean Brogan - Assistant Coach

Chad Cornes - Assistant Coach

Mark McVeigh - Assistant Coach

Adrian Caruso - Opposition Coach

Brett Hand - Head of Development/NEAFL Coach

Amon Buchanan - Development Coach

Sam Reid - Development Coach

Andrew Bahnert - Acting Head of Sports Science

James McBrien - Data Analyst Assistant/Sports Science GPS

Nick Walsh - High Performance Manager/Rehab

Lachlan Wilmot - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Leroy Lobo - Head Physiotherapist

Luke Heath - Club Physio

Nick French - Club Physio (Part-Time)

Nalesh Murti - Club Physio (Part-Time)

Jamie Ryan - Performance Analysis Manager

Chris Keane - Performance Analysis Assistant

Stephen Silvagni - List Manager

Paul Brodie - Recruiter

Phil Scully - Recruiter

Craig Lambert - Player Welfare Manager

Melissa Lambert - Player Welfare

Ady Schwegler - Property Manager

David Jenkins - Facility Manager/NEAFL Property

Dr Joe Lombardo - Club Doctor

Jessica Spendlove - Nutritionist

Rosie Stanimirovic - Psychologist

Larry Brittain - Medical

Commercial Operations

Richard Burnet - Acting Chief Commercial Officer

Cameron Nichol - Partnerships Manager

Nick Evans - Corporate Hospitality Sales Manager

Gavin Robertson - Corporate Sales Executive

Patrick Harrington - Business Development Manager

Jack Masters - Business Development Manager - ACT

Avanti Mutumudalige - Corporate Partners Executive

Samantha Murphy - Corporate Partners Executive

Celia Cummins - Events Manager

Ashley Baglin - Events Coordinator

Community Engagement

Ali Faraj - Community Engagement Manager

Emad Elkheir - Community Engagement Coordinator

Fan Development

Rebecca Shaw - GM Fan Development

Sarah Brady - Fan Development and Membership Manager

Jim Cunningham - Ticketing & Match Operations Manager

Sarah Bishara - Ticketing Coordinator

Tina McKeown - Sales and Fan Engagement Coordinator

Lisa Crocker - Fan Development Coordinator

Jarrod Venes - Fan Development Coordinator

Lauren Sandford - Fan Development Coordinator

Megan Styles - Marketing Coordinator

Wade Thomas - Membership Coordinator

Nicole Smyth - Membership Coordinator

Andrew Gilchrist - Membership Coordinator

Media and Communications

Nick Johnston - GM Media and Communications

Leigh Meyrick - Media Manager

Craig Abercrombie - Digital Media Manager

Alison Zell - Digital Media Coordinator

Matt Hagias - Social Media Coordinator

Finance, IT & HR

Paul Eriksson - Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Doyle - Management Accountant

Simon Katich - Development & Leadership Coordinator